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Throughout 17 years Mr. Pedro Lopez has been interviewed in several occasions.
ANABEL OCHOA My first experience had place in a radio show, in the XEW Radio in 1997.
CRISTINA SARALEGUI Controversy was created, as usual, but I supported the movement with my presence, which gives the couples more confidence.
PEDRO SECSEC Even though it took place in the United States, there was a lot of controversy too, strange bieng the States a First World Country...
MARTA SUSANA At Grupo Radiópolis; an informative and pleasant interview.
SHANIK A group of couples and myself formed part of a guests panel. Unfortunately the show was edited, leaving the best parts out.
EL FINANCIERO A couple of informativ interviews by Amilcar Salazar. (January,1996)
REVISTA TERCER MILENIO A general article about swinger clubs.
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